How a Mobile Rewards Program Makes All Your Digital Marketing Tools Better

rewards_make_digital_better.jpgMany clubs already have a rewards program. Unfortunately those programs are often run through third-party websites, or even pencil and paper. A mobile rewards program drives member engagement because it’s so easy for members (and club staff) to use. Members automatically earn points when they engage with your club using their smartphone, such as when they sign in, track workouts, book classes or make a referral. Members redeem their points for rewards, such as club merchandise, free PT sessions and other goods or services.

A great rewards program is not a standalone product that exists independently from your other digital tools. A smart program purposefully leverages your other digital engagement channels to increase effectiveness across the board. A rewards program can directly increase member engagement with your email marketing, mobile app and your social media accounts.  Here's how a mobile rewards program makes all your digital marketing tools better.


Email programs are a critical part of reward programs for many reasons. They deliver your message and increase the effectiveness of other communication channels.

How it works

Members receive an email after signing up for a membership explaining how the program works. When members start earning points, they receive dynamic emails with their points balance and available rewards. They can claim rewards right from the email.


Participation points: Your email engagement rate might currently not be as high as you’d like it to be. Dynamic and interactive reward emails can greatly increase member email engagement rates. Members are much more likely to open and interact with rewards emails. Once they've interacted with some of your emails, they're more likely to open your other emails as well, whereas in the past they might have just ignored them all. 

No Login Required: Using your members’ already existing email as a login eliminates the need to create multiple accounts or for members to have to remember additional passwords.

Your own voice: Your rewards emails are branded entirely to you. Your members are interacting with you, not a random third party.

Move to Mobile: Emails constantly emphasize to members that they should engage with your most valuable digital channel: your club mobile app.


Your mobile app is the focal point of the rewards experience. Your members will primarily interact with your rewards program through the mobile app.

How it works

When members use your club mobile app to make club-friendly actions such as checking in, purchasing a PT session or registering for a challenge, the app automatically records their reward points. Members can track their progress and redeem prizes in your app as well.


No paperwork needed: Your rewards program is 100% digital.

Your brand: Because it’s your app, everything members interact with is 100% branded to you.

Frictionless: Everything is one seamless quick experience that members can do at your club, instead of depending on them to remember to do it at home.

Social media

These features encourage members to share your club on their Facebook account. Members can earn points for actions such as taking a selfie or checking-in online.

How it works

Selfie Sharing

  1. Members access social photo sharing through your app
  2. Member takes a picture using their smartphone
  3. Members can add a caption
  4. Members post the photo to Facebook and earn points

Club Check-In

  1. Members access Facebook check-in in the rewards tile of your club mobile app
  2. Member clicks “Check-in via Facebook”
  3. A post appears on Facebook that shows that member checking into your club
  4. Member gets reward points


Seamless selfies: The entire experience is in mobile, so you don’t have to depend on them to upload photos to their computer at home. It’s a fun, seamless experience for members.

Boosts your brand: More social media posts means more brand impressions across your social channels.

Clubs that use a mobile reward program have seen their mobile app engagement double, had a 285% increase in workout tracking and 225% increase in goal tracking. See what these features could look like at your club with an free personalized club mobile app demo


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