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How Mobile Personalization Will Be Key To Your Club’s Success

shutterstock_340002704_2.jpgThere’s nothing anybody hates more than buying or downloading an app that doesn’t do what they expect it to. That’s why almost a quarter of all mobile apps are used only once. With mobile apps becoming a bigger part of the fitness industry, your club has to make sure its app doesn’t fall into the one-and-done category. It isn’t enough to have members download your app; it needs to be something that’ll engage them and make them want to use it again. And the key to that is one thing--personalization.

In different mobile app markets such as news apps, it’s evident how focusing on individual user's experiences completely transformed how users interacted with apps. Flipboard, an app that aggregates news, changed the news app market overnight by releasing a platform that automatically generated news articles and related stories based on the user’s preferred social networks, news sources and topics of interest. Since its release in 2010, Flipboard has been widely regarded as the best news aggregation app simply because it focuses on the individual user’s preferences.

Of course a club’s mobile app is very different from a news aggregation one, but the idea is the same: if users feel like they’re getting a unique experience from your app, then they’re going to keep using it. Your club’s mobile app needs to feel like it knows exactly who your members are. It needs to know their favorite workout routines, their favorite group classes and even which club location is closest to their home or work. If your members feel like they’re getting an experience from your app that they won’t get from any other club, then they’re going to keep coming back.

Having a personalized club mobile app is also beneficial for your bottom line, because it makes it significantly easier to make money. Imagine being able to send targeted messages to members who are checked-in about discounts on personal training sessions or group classes you know they’d be interested in? Or being able to send your members rewards, like their favorite smoothie or a club t-shirt, just for accomplishing the fitness goals they’ve set for themselves? That’s the power of personalization.

Additionally, as your club demographics begin to shift to Millennials, your club’s mobile app should reflect expectations of technology they’ve grown accustomed to. Millennials make up over 50% of the market in multiple countries. It’s in your club’s best interest to find the best ways to communicate with and serve these members. Millennials are used to smartphones that automatically set their alarms. They’re used to buying things on the Internet in two clicks. They’re even used to unlocking their mobile devices with their fingerprints. The absolute last thing they want to do is struggle with an app that does nothing to enhance their experience at your club.

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