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How Technology Can Help Members Reach Their Goals

Technology has changed the way members are able to experience the gym. From advancing the functionality of cardio machines to the rise of fitness wearables, technology has become an integral part of the health club industry. When properly utilized it can also be used by health clubs to help members to reach their fitness goals.

Here's how:

Workout Tracking

By tracking all of their workouts, members will create a catalogued library of their entire fitness journey. This can be done through wearable technology or simply through their mobile phone through a tracking app. Workout tracking will allow members to view their progress over time and help them make sure they’re staying on track to reach their desired goal. Implement a club mobile app that connects directly with their trackers to help your member’s connect their fitness activity back to your club’s brand.

Fitness Motivation

Another benefit of purchasing a piece of fitness technology such as a wearable is that it serves as a constant reminder to stay active every time they look at their wrist. Many of these wearables also come with websites and apps that enable members to set goals and remind members to be more active if they are under the desired calorie or step count and celebrate them when they reach it. These apps also connect your members to a larger community of wearable owners where members can join group fitness challenges and cheer each other on.

Club Interaction

Through a club mobile app members are able to interact with their health club 24/7. They’ll be able to view class schedules and book classes with the touch of a button. Having a mobile app incentivizes members to come to the gym more regularly through offering reward points for activities such as tracking a workout or checking into the club. These points can be exchanged for club prizes from t-shirts to PT sessions.

A club mobile app can also be used to send push notifications to members. If a member has a certain workout program designed with one of your personal trainers, they can be sent personalized reminders to go to the gym according to their program schedule. These push notifications appear just like texts on the homescreen of a member’s smartphone and will help motivate them to stick to their workout routine.

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