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How to Fix Your Overcrowded Club


Nothing is more deflating to a member’s fitness motivation than arriving to an overcrowded gym. The American Council of Exercise polled people asking, “what keeps you from going to the gym?” With 46% of respondents saying that they’re too crowded, it’s clear that this is a major hurdle for members to stay engaged with your club. Instead of merely surviving in a crowded-gym, members want to know how to avoid the overpopulated times throughout the day. 

What if there was a way to tell how crowded the gym was without even leaving your house? Luckily there is a new way to do so, and it’s called Density


Density is a sensor that measures the population of a physical location in real-time while communicating this data to its app. It attaches to a doorframe and captures movement similar to the way the sensor of an automatic door works. It then provides live updates and catalogs the historical data. It generates traffic patterns and makes all of this data available to sensor owners and app users. 


It’s primarily being used to help businesses such as restaurants drive more traffic during slow hours through discounts and coupons. Density tracks all foot traffic in the restaurant so that app users can see how busy their favorite location is. When foot traffic is slow, it automatically sends a discount through push alerts to drive more business to an establishment. 

How can I use this in my health club?

The potential applications of this technology for health clubs are exciting. Members will be able to view live traffic data so they don’t waste their time coming to the gym when it’s overcrowded. The app also allows members to view when historic peak hours are, so that they can plan their workout schedules to go when the club is less busy. This will keep members from leaving your club because of overcrowding and also increase the maximum number of members your club can serve by more evenly spacing their visits throughout the day.

The data Density provides can also become a part of your club’s member engagement strategy. For example, if you have a Club Mobile App, your staff can send out push alerts when traffic is particularly low to encourage members to come in. This kind of personal touch will keep members feeling engaged, while encouraging them to achieve their fitness goals. While this technology has yet to be adopted by the mainstream fitness industry today, it’s an exciting potential for the future. 

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