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How to Increase Membership Referrals by Using a Rewards Program


Seeking to increase membership referrals and drive revenue? Starting a rewards program is a great way to do both.

It's well known in many industries that creating loyal customers retains them longer and increases the amount of money they spend. Rewards programs specialize in improving customer loyalty. For the fitness industry, they provide a platform for members to easily refer family and friends to join your club. These programs are excellent ways to engage your members and promote your club’s brand.

How Do These Programs Work?

Most rewards programs function on a point based system. Club members refer their friends online, their friends recieves an email promoting your club and then your member is rewarded with points. These points can be accessed through members' online accounts, where they can view details on what actions they can take to earn rewards, and which rewards they are currently eligable for

Perkville and FitRewards offer customizable rewards catalogs that promote your club's services and products. This enables a club to choose what types of rewards they want members to recieve, such as headphones, electronics or other products for the gym. 

The Best Loyalty Programs

With numerous rewards programs on the market, it may be difficult to find the right one for your business. Below is a breakdown of the two leading rewards programs for the fitness industry.


Perkville is a leading customer rewards program. Their software empowers any local business to create a loyalty program in minutes. Their services are free for all members and they offer monthly subscription plans for your club.


  • When your members post about your club on social media, they are automatically rewarded with points
  • Location-specific social pages for gym owners with multiple locations

  • Available in 25 countries 


Another leading loyalty solutions program is FitRewards. Their services are specialized solely for the fitness industry. Their clients have an average of 58 referrals each month and 70% of their guest passes have resulted in a new member activation. They focus on improving customer loyalty, while simultaneously promoting your club’s brand.

  • FitRewards items are shipped directly to the home address of your customers

  • All product returns and warranty claims are handled by their company

  • They offer a personalized marketing kit, unique to the needs of your club

Integration with Netpulse

There is an added benefit for Netpulse customers to use these systems as their member rewards program: the club mobile app integrates with both Perkville and FitRewards. This means that your members will be able to access their rewards points through their mobile app, and in some cases, be rewarded for actions taken using the app, like checking-in to the club or logging a workout.

Want to learn more about club mobile apps? Read our Official Guide to Club Mobile Apps


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