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How Your Club Can Reduce Membership Departures


Members are the lifeblood of a fitness franchise. Though clubs are starting to grow their ancillary sales, members still remain the primary revenue driver for a health club bringing in an average of $521 per year. However, with 30% of members leaving every year and acquiring new members costing 5 times more than just keeping existing members, it’s clear that a good member retention strategy is vital to the longevity of a club. 

So, how can your club keep more members?


Some of your members may have a lack of interest and see their membership as a financial burden instead of an opportunity to better their lifestyle. Show them why your club is worth it. Making sure your members are active and engaged with your club is the simplest way to keep them coming back. 

Having a Club Mobile App makes member engagement easy as it enables you to interact with them 24/7, even when they’re outside your club’s walls. You can use your app to send push notifications, messages that appear on the screen of their smartphone, that offer up deals and discounts for items and services within your club. This could lead a member to finally make a purchase for a personal training session, because it’s as easy as them pressing a button on their phone.  

Incentives and Rewards

Your less consistent members probably have a ton of excuses to not make it to the gym, whether it’s that the there’s too much traffic or they’re bored with their workout routine. Consider launching a rewards program for every action taken in the club. It turns going to the gym into a game where they can win prizes by accumulating points with things from tracking a workout to making a member referral. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship with your members by incentivizing their attendance and interactions with your club. 


The health and fitness market is oversaturated and with more low-cost clubs appearing left and right, members have options. Stocking your club with the latest tech could give you the competitive edge you’re looking for. Members want technology in their health clubs, as over 70% use technology while exercising. However, only 32% of clubs have equipment that integrates with members technology. A mobile app allows members to connect their wearables and track workouts wherever they go. Having an app also enables members to directly connect with cardio equipment in order to automatically record workout information or enter all of their data simply by taking a photo of the machine’s screen. 

Consumers want the most out of what they pay for in this day and age, and having an app creates an extra layer of perks for your gym members. 

Want to keep your members more engaged? Check out The Official Guide to Club Mobile Apps:


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