#IHRSA2016 Day 2 Highlights

shutterstock_240028987.jpg#IHRSA2016 is up and running and we’re on the ground with the latest updates. Here is the Day 2 recap. The highly-anticipated tradeshow featuring the fitness industry's top vendors finally opened to the public at 10 A.M. and will run today and tomorrow until 6 PM. It features over 400 exhibitors from dozens of countries showing off the latest technology, products, services and innovations the industry has to offer.

At the tradeshow, Matrix Fitness showcased their In-Trinity Board at their booth. Designed by the world renowned Johnny G, the board provides yoga practice, resistance training and incline training all at once.


Escape Fitness highlighted their Escape STEP platform system. The platform is wide enough to step on yet narrow enough to straddle, meaning that users can create dynamic and dimensional workouts that get them moving in all planes of motion.


IHRSA presented their Associate Member of the Year Award to Visual Fitness Planner, a software designed to sell health club memberships and personal training sessions. This award is given annually to recognize an IHRSA member for their significant contributions to the advancement of the health industry in addition to their support of IHRSA, its members and its mission through program and even participation, advertising and sponsorship.

Visual Fitness Planner was presented the award this year as a result of their commitment to helping club operators better use technology to solve their problems and increase revenue, as well as their genuine passion for the fitness industry.

Joe Moore, President and CEO of IHRSA, also gave his annual “State of the Industry” report.


“When I started in the health club business, there was no data available. We just kind of guessed at what was out there.” - Joe Moore

But since then, Moore and the rest of IHRSA has been able to make significant gains in terms of figuring out the fitness industry, In the last seven years alone, the number of health club members in the United States has grown by 22% to nearly 60 million. The number of health club visits over the same time period increased by 25%, totalling over 5 billion visits. As of 2015, the average member visits their club 140 days a year.

Greg McKeown, CEO of THIS Inc., gave an address detailing what it takes for companies to not just achieve success but also to sustain it. He asked, “Why is it that otherwise successful people or companies don’t break through to the next level?” For McKeown, the answer is simple: most companies don’t understand how to be successful at success. In order to do this McKeown says that businesses must become “essentialists”, which is reached by following three steps: Explore, Eliminate and Execute.

To read more about this impactful talk, check out our full recap.

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