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Mobile App Fitness Challenges for Every Season

shutterstock_253824397_1.jpgLooking to increase member engagement and spur some friendly competition in your club? Use your club mobile app’s challenges feature.

For the uninitiated, challenges are timed contests open to all of your members that encourage them to compete against each other and reach their fitness goals. The beauty of doing fitness challenges through a mobile app is your staff has to do way less work. While in the past they may have had to do regular weigh-ins for challenges, now your club’s mobile app integrates with the most popular wearables to automatically track members’ progress.

You can run challenges based on calories burned, distance traveled, time spent working out and the number of total workouts a member completes. Members can also compete in challenges away from the club, meaning even when they’re not exercising at your club their mind is still on your club’s brand.

Not sure what to do for your fitness challenges? Here are some ideas for every season of the year.

Fall: “Fall Into Fitness”                                       fall_fitness.png

What says fall more than a nice hike through the autumn foliage? (Hint: nothing.) So why not have a hiking-themed fitness challenge based on steps? Use in-club signage and push alerts to encourage members to rack up their steps through connecting their wearables like Fitbit or Nike+ to your club’s mobile app. You could even organize group hikes that help foster community among your members. In addition to the fitness portion, you could also hold a separate contest to see which of your members takes the best Instagram photo while on their hikes. A social media challenge like this ties your club into your members’ personal lives and overall makes them more excited to be a part of your brand. Don’t forget your hiking-themed prizes, such as a brand new pack or hiking thermos.

Winter: “New Year, New You!”                           new_year.png

Winter means New Year’s Resolutions, which means people are eager to burn off that extra holiday weight they’ve gained. Your club’s winter challenge should be New Year’s themed and could be a cardio equipment only challenge. With features like xCapture, which allows users to log their cardio workouts by simply snapping a photo of the machine after their workout, and connected cardio tracking calories burned on a treadmill has never been easier. Over the course of the challenge, your members will be able to see how their workouts stack up with the rest of the club, which could create a sense of friendly competitiveness over the course of the challenge. This is a great way to engage those New Year's resolutions members and help them stick to their fitness goals.

Spring: “Spring Break Slimdown”                     springbreak.png

Springtime is all about getting that summer body, and one of the most popular springtime exercises is bike riding. It’s great for your legs, it’s great cardio and it’s a great way to get around whatever town or city you live in. Your club’s spring challenge could bike themed. Run a distance-based challenge, which will encourage members to partake in high mileage physical activities like bike riding. Encourage members to connect their app to the Moves app which can automatically track when a member is riding a bike.

For members without a bike, you can have them use the stationary bikes in your club. Data from these machines can be synced to your app or recorded through xCapture. Additionally your club staff could organize group rides over the course of the two week challenge to not just encourage members to compete, but to also help build a sense of community amongst your members. The key to member retention is making your members feel proud to be a part of your brand, this would help do just that.

Summer: “Sweat and Sizzle”                               Capture.png

The best thing about summertime is that almost every day is a beautiful one. So your summer fitness challenges should be all about getting your members to spend more time outside. Your club could host a calorie-based challenge that tracks from wearables, as it would be able to include various types of calorie burning activities like biking, running or even playing basketball. Similar to the hiking challenge, this summertime calorie based challenge would likely take place away from your club meaning that it’s a great way for your club to stay on the mind of your members while they enjoy the summer sunshine.

There are endless possibilities for different fitness challenges your club could run. The key is to make them fun, have great prizes and use them as opportunities for your staff to engage with your members. Taking advantage of the technology Club Mobile Apps offer helps make these challenges easy for your staff to run and engages your members both inside and outside the club.

Want to learn more about running challenges through your mobile app? Download our ltimate Guide to Fitness Challenges.


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