Mobile Marketing for Health Clubs [Webinar Recap]

mobile-marketing_R1_blog.pngIn the Mobile Marketing for Health Clubs webinar, Greg Skloot and Keith Lansdale discuss how club operators can increase engagement, aquire new members and sell more services with mobile marketing. 

 With club members bringing their smartphones 80% of the time, it only makes sense for club owners to take advantage of the technology being brought into their clubs on a daily basis. With traditional marketing techniques becoming less effective and clubs struggling to find new ways to acquire new members and sell more services, mobile marketing is the process of getting smartphones to do the hard work for club owners around the world.

Greg and Keith discussed and analyzed the five stages of mobile marketing, how each of them will directly impact your club and how you can take advantage of mobile marketing to help not only increase your club’s revenue and keep members engaged, but to also provide your members with the best possible club experience.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How mobile marketing helps optimize the member referral process to increase the amount of possible prospects that enter your club
  • How converting prospects into members is made significantly easier and less expensive due to how seamless the referral process is
  • How having features such as a rewards program can increase member engagement, reduce churn and supercharge club revenue
  • How smartphones can be used to continue to sell members additional services like PT because of the way mobile marketing makes it possible to target specific members at specific times
  • How mobile marketing can help make your club the hub of any member's’ fitness world through integrating with the most popular fitness apps and wearables on the market.


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