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Naked: The World's First 3D Home Body Scanner

naked_labs_lifestyle_2.jpgAt some point or another, everyone has found themselves in front of a mirror. Maybe you had to do your hair, makeup or just wanted to check out your guns after a good workout. Either way, most mirrors until now have been used to highlight the external features of our bodies.

But not anymore.

Naked Labs has created the world’s first 3D home body scanner out of a mirror. Naked is a body scanning mirror that gives you real-time measurements on things like body fat percentage, where your body is currently growing muscle and even how a pregnancy has impacted your body over time.

The Silicon Valley startup was founded by CEO Farhad Farahbakhshian last year and already appears to have created a product that will transform the fitness industry. The mirror is equipped with Intel RealSense Depth Sensors and Bluetooth-connected scales that rotate your body as the scanner works its magic.

The Intel sensors help create a full 3D scan in just 20 seconds, before delivering the scan to Naked’s mobile app which allows you to track your body’s changes over time.

“Imagine someone throwing sand at your body and seeing actually how the sand hits it, then putting each of those images together and building a body model. That’s how Naked works”-  Farhad Farahbakhshian

The device has a futuristic and innovative aura. It features no buttons and uses a laser pointer to direct the user where to place the Bluetooth scales in relation to the mirror. Everything else is contained within the mobile app. The app includes a 3D progress map that shows changes to your body geometry over custom time ranges. Significant changes are highlighted by color, helping denote which parts of your body need improvement and which areas you’re succeeding at working out.


Naked’s technology is also markedly more accurate than most comparable products on the market. On average, scales that measure body fat percentage have a percent error of up to 8%. In contrast, Naked is guaranteed accurate within 1.5%. Farahbakhshian has been beta-testing the device since 2015 and says the the accurate visual feedback has been a major part of keeping his beta testers on track.

Though Naked is available for preorder now for $499, it is not expected to ship until early 2017.

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