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Netpulse Announces Partnership with eGym


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — February 28, 2017 — Netpulse, the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs, announced today a new partnership with eGym, the leader in digital fitness and training. The new integrated product will enable members to track comprehensive strength training exercises, create custom workout plans and get prescribed routines from personal trainers.

With eGym’s integrated product, health clubs using the Netpulse mobile app will be able to provide the advanced workout tracking capabilities of eGym. eGym offers two seamlessly integrated apps: one for the personal trainer and one for the gym member. With a library of over 1,000 exercises, personal trainers can intuitively create highly individual routines and gain insights into their clients’ progress based on their activity data. Gym members will be able to track their activities, follow their individual training plan and enjoy motivating features like progressive activity levels and competitive leader boards. These features allow for a higher level of interaction between personal trainers and their members.

“Members’ fitness data is crucial in guiding them to workout successfully and remain highly motivated,” said Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, CEO of eGym. “The comprehensive workout tracking and digital training apps from eGym create a customized experience for each exerciser to help them reach their training goals. When combined with the Netpulse mobile app that thousands of facilities use, the result is the most advanced digital fitness experience available.”

“Our focus at Netpulse has always been to provide a world-class digital experience for members and health club operators,” said John Ford, President and Head of Products at Netpulse. “By joining forces to offer the most comprehensive digital fitness and training functionality in a mobile app, the integration of eGym capabilities provides tremendous value for our customers and their members.”

With Netpulse and eGym together, health club operators are able to most effectively engage their members throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from setting fitness goals, tracking progress, and participating in personal training programs. Netpulse’s focus on digital marketing for the club, such as referral and rewards programs, combined with eGym’s focus on digital fitness gives operators the ultimate toolbox to engage members and drive revenue through their club’s mobile app.

The eGym integration will be launching on the Netpulse platform in mid-2017.

About Netpulse

Netpulse is the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs. With thousands of customers globally, Netpulse provides the fitness industry's most robust mobile platform for engaging members and driving revenue. The Netpulse platform offers the most advanced mobile features and connects leading wearables, tracking apps and club technology into one seamless mobile experience. Industry leaders such as Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym, and Fitness Evolution leverage the Netpulse platform for their digital offerings. Learn more at

About eGym

eGym is a leading provider of advanced concepts for organizing connected gym training areas. eGym aims to make training areas work for everyone through a unique product strategy, combining the latest machine technology, powered by German engineering, with the advantages of mobile applications. A full range of 18 state-of-the-art fully electronic strength machines are connected to the Internet and automatically adjust to member's’ account settings. eGym stands for intuitive training experiences through digital user interfaces on each piece of equipment, data-driven insights for gym members and trainers, as well as increased training success in the gym. eGym offers an open cloud platform that integrates leading fitness manufacturers like Matrix, Precor, Pulse fitness, Fitbit, Polar, Runkeeper and many others. eGym apps are fully functional also without eGym strength equipment.

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