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Netpulse Announces Lead Sharing Integration with InTouch Technology


Netpulse, the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs, announced today that its mobile platform now integrates with InTouch Technology’s lead management solution. The integration enables health clubs to automatically track mobile referrals and guest passes by seamlessly creating and updating leads in the club’s sales management system. This initiates customized prospect follow up and reminders for the club’s sales team, which decreases the chance of missed sales opportunities.

“Netpulse is the clear industry leader for creating mobile apps for clubs, so we felt that it was important for our customers to continue expanding our integration and relationship with them,” said Dana Milkie, President and CEO of InTouch Technology. “Digital lead generation via mobile apps is a priority for sales departments in health clubs. Netpulse and InTouch Technology customers will immediately benefit from a stronger lead management solution.”

The InTouch integration makes Netpulse’s innovative Mobile Referral and Mobile Guest Pass products even more powerful. By automatically turning a referral into a recorded lead and then initiating the proper follow up, Netpulse and InTouch work together to ensure referred leads are followed up with in a timely manner.

“Integrating InTouch with Netpulse will make referral and membership sales for health clubs easier and more effective,” said John Ford, President of Netpulse. “Where the Netpulse Club Mobile App motivates members to make referrals with reward points and ease of use, the InTouch lead management system makes it easy for sales teams to follow up on these referrals and ultimately sell more memberships.”

With Mobile Referrals, members can use their smartphone contacts to send text message invitations to try the club. Prospects then use a Mobile Guest Pass to frictionlessly check-in. All of this activity is logged into InTouch’s lead management system.

The integration is now available. Visit or for more information.


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