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Netpulse Announces Mobile Acquisition Add-Ons


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — March 8, 2016 — Netpulse, the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs, announced today the release of Mobile Acquisition Add-Ons, four new features that will transform the way club operators acquire new members. These features for the Netpulse Club Mobile App allow operators to leverage their members’ smartphones to seamlessly attract prospects and convert them into members at a far lower cost than traditional marketing.

The four add-on features include:

  • Advanced Referrals - Use members’ smartphone contacts to send mobile referrals.
  • Guest Pass - Provide prospects a digital guest pass to experience the club hassle-free.
  • Advanced Rewards - Motivate members to take actions that further their engagement and benefit the club, such as making referrals.
  • Geotargeting - Send impulse offers, like an open personal training session, to members currently inside the club.

“Mobile technology giants like Uber already utilize features such as mobile referrals to inexpensively grow their user base,” said Mike Escobedo, Netpulse’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success. “Mobile Acquisition Add-Ons give club operators access to these same groundbreaking technologies to acquire new members and grow revenue. Operators can now frictionlessly generate referrals through a device their members already love to use — their smartphones — and reward members for this behavior.”

The results of numerous pilot clubs have been overwhelmingly positive. Goal, challenge and workout tracking engagement have increased by 300 percent, and members of pilot locations are reading push notifications from the club twice as often. Increased app engagement has resulted in a tremendous growth in referrals, guest pass usage and new member acquisition, with some pilot locations doubling their historical monthly referrals.

“The response to the Add-Ons from our members and staff has been phenomenal,” said Dave Dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer of Best Fitness and one of the early adopters of the add-on features. “Engagement has tripled, app downloads have gone through the roof and we’ve seen a significant increase in referrals and new member conversions. These features have more than paid for themselves.”

With 11 locations across three states, Best Fitness is a regional industry leader that prides itself in utilizing state-of-the-art technology to help its members achieve results.

“The results of the pilots are really exciting,” said Escobedo. “I’ve long believed that mobile technology would become the least expensive new member acquisition channel for clubs. With the launch of Mobile Acquisition Add-Ons, that future has arrived.”

The four new features are now available at an additional cost as an add-on to the standard Club Mobile App powered by Netpulse.


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Netpulse is the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs. With thousands of customers globally, Netpulse provides the fitness industry's most robust mobile marketing platform for attracting and converting prospects into engaged members that buy more. The platform connects the most popular wearables, tracking apps and club technology into one seamless mobile experience. Industry leaders such as Planet Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, UFC Gym and Gold's Gym leverage the Netpulse platform for their digital offerings. Learn more at

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