Netpulse Updates Your Members (and Bottom Line) Will Love

At Netpulse, we’re on a mission to help fitness club operators around the world streamline their operations, engage their members and market effectively. We're constantly updating and adding new features to the platform.

Are you taking advantage of these updates in your club mobile app?


Streamline Club Operations




Boost class participation with improved class management.

The class feature has been redesigned so members can now see waitlisted and booked classes at a glance from the main class page, or from a brand new section called “My Classes.”

Save time by enabling members to manage their membership through your app.

Members can quickly check membership details, session balances and expenses from the app*, without needing to log into the MMS portal or ask the front desk. They can also buy more sessions and re-up their membership in just a few clicks.

*Only works for ABC brands. More integrations will be added in 2020.

Save time by helping members resolve issues with ePulse Chat Support.

Your new interactive chat assistant will help users automatically resolve their most common issues via a chatbot in the app.

Take action based on data with with improved reporting.

Reports in your Club Admin Portal got a facelift, making the data easier and faster to understand. We’ve also added new reports, including:

  • Workouts distributed by source (i.e. Connected App, Fitness Machine)
  • Workout distributed by category (i.e. Endurance, Mobility)
  • Workout Adoption
  • Active App Users

Increase retention and find new members with easier group check-in.

Members can now store multiple check-in barcodes in their app, making it easy for them to bring family members with them to the gym.


Engage Members




Launch your app on Apple Watch thanks to our strategic partnership with Apple.

Members who have an Apple Watch can check into the gym, book and get notified about classes, track workouts, access training templates, and earn bonus reward points all from their wrist. Learn more about what your Apple Watch app can do.

Give members a next-gen training experience with Workout Tracking and Planning 2.0.

This major feature update brings 1400+ exercises to your app for members to build, track and customize their workouts. Your club can also offer custom branded exercises and training templates in order to showcase your expertise. On top of all this, we reimagined the user experience to be best-in-class for your members, making it easier and faster than ever to workout the way they want.

Bring in additional revenue when members workout from home with Les Mills On Demand workouts.

In partnership with Les Mills, we built a native feature that can stream Les Mills content directly to your member app. You can choose to include this feature as part of your membership tiers, or have members pay Les Mills directly. Read more in the press release.


Market Effectively




Engage and upsell specific member segments with new types of challenges, deals and rewards.

  • New Challenges: Host challenges based on Apple Watch Activity Ring closure, class completion, or audience segment (i.e runners, boxers)
  • New Deals: Run deals and special offers for specific membership types
  • New Rewards: Reward members with points for attending specific classes

Learn which members to upsell and which to save when by collecting timely feedback.

You can now use MMS check-in data as a trigger to ask for feedback within your mobile app, so you can address issues as they arise in real-time. Additionally, members are now prompted to share their 4 or 5-star reviews on social media sites like Google, Facebook and Trustpilot. Learn more about how to harness the power of mobile feedback.