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The past year has been a time of great change and excitement for the fitness industry. It marked the beginning of the mobile revolution, where operators identified the need for a digital strategy that engages and sells to their members on smartphones as well as in the club. Netpulse has been proud to be a part of that journey, providing the industry’s most robust mobile platform.

With the year 2016 upon us, we evolved the Netpulse brand to match that industry growth. That is why we are thrilled to unveil the new Netpulse logo. The logo is a visual representation of the Netpulse formula for health clubs. The 5 steps of this formula are the goals that club operators have for their digital strategy:


To break this formula down:

Attract: The first step is attracting new prospects to your club. Marketing tools within a club mobile app can accelerate the most impactful member acquisition tactics, like Referrals.

Convert: The second step is converting prospects into members with the help of your club mobile app. Savvy operators leverage tools like Mobile Guest Pass to offer prospects a seamless experience to try to the club and join.

Engage: Once we have attracted and converted new prospects into members, the next step is to engage those members. We can leverage a club mobile app to offer fitness challenges, Rewards programs, workout tracking and many other digital experiences that keep members engaged.

Sell: Once members are engaged with the club, we can use the fourth step to sell them additional products and services, like personal training. Consider leveraging a mobile tool like Geotargeting to offer members impulse purchase opportunities for open PT and premium class spots.

Connect: The final step in the Netpulse Formula is to connect technology together. A club mobile app integrates with popular wearables and fitness tracking apps, along with a club’s billing system and CRM. This provides the member with one seamless digital experience.

This formula comes to life at clubs every day. For each member, clubs leverage mobile tools to attract, convert, engage sell and connect, in a loop over and over again.

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