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We're a week into the New Year and I'm loving the feedback we're getting from clubs utilizing the app. Prospects love it, new members are using it and they have added the app into their business strategy. Just like I mentioned in my last post, there are 5 steps to success with your mobile app in 2018 and today I'm coming at you with step #2! 

Today we're going to master the art of Re Engagement! This can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do in the fitness industry. Whether it's someone who no longer uses a class, an app or even worse your facility, there is usually an underlying reason why they stopped, and it's tough to get past that in most cases. 

Unfortunately, 1 in 5 apps are used once and then never used again. We live in an inundated society, one that is keen on information overload. People have tons of apps on their phone and if they don't see the reason for utilizing the app after the first use, it's gone for good... until today.

Fear not my friend, after today's blog post, you will no longer be in this statistic. I've come up with the perfect re engagement strategy; one that is going to bring back your members that have stopped using the app, and explode app engagement in 2018. 

Step 1: Make It Recommandatory

Get rid of your paper class schedules and get rid of your key tags. I call this "Going Green". The reason the members didn't see value in the app is because the information on the app is readily available everywhere else. Go 100% digital this year. Get rid of the class schedule, or the front desk announcements, get rid of the key tags and make the app recommadatory. The app is how your members check into the club, plain and simple. It's how they get their class schedules, see your in club deals etc. Your members have their phone. Your members never forget their phone - right? This shouldn't be an issue for any of your members. ***Slight Caveat and the reason I didn't say mandatory - Older members may not have a smart phone, so you will still have some key tags and schedules to provide them. If a member has a smart phone though, they have the app, they check in with the app and they check classes right there on the app, they use the app!

Step 2: Add Value

Now that the members have the app, we need to engage them. Add in challenges, deals, start a rewards program, add in all of your classes, send push notifications etc. Quite simply use the app! Push notifications by themselves increase app engagement by up to 88%. Like we talked about last time, have something on the app that will engage the member right away. A deal for the new member that if they redeem reduces their join fee. A challenge someone can join to win cool prizes if they win. Heck, let's make it really easy, add yourself a rewards program and the minute someone creates an account they get points. ADD VALUE & USE THE APP! It's as easy as that! 

Understand this: you're not alone. Mobile retention is a major challenge all app marketers face today. The more someone is exposed to your app, the more likely they are to continue to use it. Get users to come to your app to check classes, check in, log workouts, send referrals, join challenges etc. Make the app the hub of a member's fitness journey. Quite simply make it your primary source of communication and access to the club. 

There you have it. A 2 step process that will re engage existing members, increase mobile engagement, which inherently increases club engagement and ultimately can explode revenue this year.

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