Keeping up with the 21st Century: The Wilmington Athletic Club Success Story

wilmington-np_blog.pngBilled as the region’s most complete fitness center, the Wilmington Athletic Club has served the small North Carolina port city for almost 15 years. Since opening it’s doors as a racquetball facility in 2002, the club has transformed into a 35,000 square foot facility that includes a full-sized basketball court, cardio and weight training, massage therapy and even a dietician.

The club’s general manager Sara Goodwin is a former high school athlete and says that she enjoys having been able to work in the fitness industry for the last 20 years. “I wanted a career where I was able to get up and stay active,” she says. “So working in the fitness industry made the most sense.”

Having an app “helps keep our business in the 21st century”

As the Wilmington Athletic Club has grown in both physical size and services over the past decade, so has their need to streamline communications between the club and their members. With over 1,100 members, there was a growing desire to make information about class schedules or cancellations as easily accessible as possible, which is where Netpulse came in.

“Most people have phones, and more and more businesses are getting apps, so why not the Wilmington Athletic Club?” said Sara. “ Plus, it helps keep our business in the 21st century.” With the recent decline in desktop computer usage, clubs like the Wilmington Athletic Club are now looking for ways to go mobile.

“Our mobile app by Netpulse is a great tool”

The biggest need that Sara said had to be filled was the ease of access to class schedules, and the app from Netpulse solved their problem almost immediately. With the app, members are now able to quickly access class schedules and availability, making it infinitely more convenient for them to participate in group sessions. “We really like that feature,” said Sara. “ People really enjoy having the class schedules right at their fingertips.”

The app’s other features, such as fitness challenges, referrals and integration with 3rd party apps like Fitbit have increased member engagement, while also providing the Wilmington Athletic Club with a competitive advantage over nearby health clubs. With the app, the club has also been able to experiment with bar-code scannable guest passes, rewards points for completing workouts, and even discounted massage therapy sessions. “Overall, our mobile app by Netpulse is a great tool,” said Sara. “It’s a good quality app that members enjoy, and it’s something I use personally.”

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