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Connecting Everything Together: Exertec's Success Story

exertec-top-tiny.pngAfter 19 years of working at Exertec Health and Fitness Center, Nori Hongo was looking for a way to take his club to the next level. After earning his degree in Commercial Fitness Management, Nori has spent a majority of his career building Exertec into the popular health club it is today.

“Exertec is unique because it is on the cutting edge of industry trends,” Nori said. “The whole industry is getting away from offering ‘just’ a facility. At Exertec we offer a hands-on, engaging service that is more than just a facility; we offer PT, small group training, nutritional help, and other follow-up services to help our members get results.”

Exertec opened over 30 years ago in Napa Valley, California. Exertec services about 3000 members, with an indoor heated swimming pool, specialized “GET” small group training classes, a childcare center, and a dedicated PT center.

“We couldn’t rest on our laurels"

exertec-headshot.jpgIn 2015, Nori and the Exertec team determined that they needed their own mobile app. The features Exertec was looking for included group fitness class scheduling, workout tracking and a member rewards program.

“No other club in Napa has a gym like Exertec does,” Nori said. “We have a reputation of having a great family atmosphere, and are part of our community. But we can’t rest on our laurels. We have to evolve and be more.”

“The app has helped connect everything together”

Exertec was impressed at how smooth the app-creation process was. “All we needed to give Netpulse was a few graphics and some basic information, like our location and contact info,” Nori said. “Any issues we had were taken care of in a day or so. Netpulse made the whole process really simple for us.”

After the app launched in November, members immediately saw its value. exertec-class-1.jpg“Customers reacted strongly to the mobile barcode sign-in feature. People don’t want to carry their wallet or membership cards to the gym,” Nori said.

After the successful launch, Nori and the Exertec team are excited to see their members continue to experience the power and convenience of their new app.

“The app has helped connect everything together,” Nori said. “Now in 2016, we will focus on leveraging our app as a competitive advantage.”

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