Adjusting to the 21st Century: The Sky Fitness Success Story


With two locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sky Fitness has built itself into into a visionary health club since opening up shop ten years ago. Their two 40,000 square feet facilities are designed with the committed health club member in mind, complete with yoga and pilates studios, nationally certified fitness experts and a rock climbing wall.

The club’s VP of Operations Travis Wood, says that after 18 years in the fitness industry, Travis_Wood.jpgSky Fitness is one of the most serious clubs he’s been apart of. “I love the fact that Sky just focuses on fitness,” he says. “We don’t do camps or spas, just fitness at a very high level.”

“If you’re doing what you did last year, then you’re in trouble.”

Though most high traffic clubs cater to the average club member, Sky Fitness is unique because they’re a high traffic club that specifically caters to those who are extremely committed to their health and fitness. As a result, Travis says that when looking for an app, he searched for a company that was willing to work with Sky Fitness to help them execute their vision.

“We worked with another app company before, but we needed a bigger player in the industry,” says Travis. “We were looking for an app company with vision and that was thinking on a big picture level, because if you’re doing what you did last year, then you’re in trouble.”

After meeting Netpulse at IHRSA, Travis says Netpulse moved very quickly to customize the app for Sky Fitness’ needs and have added multiple features since initially launching the app in July 2015. The features most important to Sky Fitness were class scheduling, push notifications and workout tracking. The club's branded mobile app from Netpulse was able to fill all those needs, as well as offering features they’ve come to enjoy, such as deals and fitness challenges.


"Our app from Netpulse has been amazing”

Since rolling out the app in the summer, Travis says that the app has also been useful as a tool for both sales and member engagement. With the ability to send push notifications about deals to members and prospects, Sky Fitness has seen a spike in class participation as well as a spike in membership growth whenever they send one out. The app has also helped Sky Fitness build a brand that allows members to be apart of, as the fitness challenges and deals have really helped foster a sense of community.

“Our app from Netpulse has been amazing,” says Travis. “It helps communicate our best offerings and it helps makes Sky Fitness as transparent as possible. I have to really search to find any part of the app I don’t like.”

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