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If you’re ever in or around Madison, Mississippi and want to get a workout in, look no further than Madison Healthplex Performance Center. This week our Template For Success interview is with Kerri Cook who is the Marketing Coordinator at Madison Healthplex. She wears multiple hats around the club and is a major reason why Madison has been so successful in running their club mobile app.

In her 2 years at Madison, Kerri has helped the 4,300 member facility gather 2,915 downloads and just under 183,000 sessions in the app. Madison Healthplex just recently launched their Mobile Acquisition platform as well. In the first month, they have grown the app by 391 downloads and members engaged in the app has been a whopping 73%, utilizing the rewards platform and sending out 59 referrals in just the first 22 days.

Madison Healthplex Performance Center is a multi-purpose club with everything from Group Ex Classes (over 85 classes a week) to cryotherapy. They offer a ton of amazing programs which could take a page to fill, but to name a few, Fitness On Demand Group Ex Classes, aquatics, different therapies including medical massage on site, indoor and outdoor turf that is used by their boot camps and even a sports performance section where they cater to every athlete from elementary age all the way up to professional status where they offer combine training. Some of the most recent professionals have been Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill, Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver JJ Nelson, and my personal favorite Jeremy Sprinkle, the Washington Redskins Rookie Tight End.

When it comes to engagement, Madison Healthplex is the gym to copy. “We constantly keep the gym updated, we always have new programs, specials and ways to get all of our members plugged into different parts of the facility. Our major focus is to retain members and keep them happy.” It’s all about keeping the members, engaged and happy at Madison Healthplex, and they do this through the use of technology. “With a gym on every corner, we have to have an edge and the technology allows that.”

Kerri and her team are constantly promoting the app, whether it’s sending out emails, or marketing that app on social media, they keep it at the forefront of each member’s experience. When they first launched the app they went all out with the promotion. “We had our app booth set up and for a full day we had everybody downloading the app, creating an account, logging in and adding their scan codes.” Since then Madison Healthplex has made the app an integral part of their member experience. “Members don’t come in if they don’t have the app downloaded, there’s just no choice, it’s how we do things now.”

I asked Kerri about what they do when older members don’t have smart phones, she laughed and said. “All of them have it, maybe 2% of our older population either don’t bring their phone in, or don’t have a smartphone, but we don’t get much push back at all.”

With launching the app, Madison Healthplex has saved a great deal of money saving on printed schedules and key tags. Kerri and her team make it a requirement to download the app when a member signs up and because of the digital barcode they have been able to cut down on the expenses that come with purchasing keytags yearly. “Our check-in count has actually gone up because of the app, we’re getting more referrals, and everyone is so in tune with what is going on with the club. We make sure of that.”

The addition of the Rewards program at Madison has been highly successful as well with 50+% of the population already taking part in the program. “I love the loyalty program, even if we didn’t get any referrals, because it offers our members a reward, and our goal is to have people always thinking about the Healthplex.”

Members are definitely thinking about the Healthplex in Madison and it definitely is contributed to Kerri and the staff. They have made sure that the staff is proficient in the app and that they can help all of the members with their questions. “One of the best parts is that a lot of the frequently asked questions have been answered from the app. Questions members used to have to come to the front desk or call us for, are answered now.” This is greatly due to Kerri’s use of push notifications. When I asked her what her favorite aspect of the app was she excitedly said, “Definitely push notifications, definitely. They’re just so easy to send out and link the member directly to what you want them to see.”

This month Madison Healthplex has signed up over 250 new members and Kerri and her team make sure that each member downloads the app, creates an account and adds their barcode. “If I had a suggestion to make to anyone looking to add an app, don’t give members a choice, make it a part of your process.”

Kerri doesn’t just have the members download it and leave them hanging. She has created a sheet that explains how to download the app and talks a bit about each of the features. Because of this a lot more people are learning about the rewards program, the connected apps feature, and their trainers are even getting involved in the process with their clients which has shown a great improvement in client engagement.

Madison Healthplex continues to grow with the app and learn more and more about what they can do. With the consistent flow of people signing up for the app, and the constant referrals being sent out, Madison Healthplex will continue to grow. With Kerri at the helm and her team working just as hard as she is, it’s going to be an exciting rest of the year to see the growth of this single facility location.

“Make sure all of your employees understand the app as well as the app manager, have multiple events promoting the app, and make it a part of your process.”

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