Thank You, Michael Scott Scudder

Michael-Scott-Scudder-770_0.jpgMy heart sank upon learning that Michael Scott Scudder had passed away earlier this week. Michael has been among the most insightful and invaluable contributors to the commercial fitness industry. He spent the last 35 years coaching club operators and helping them grow, personally and professionally.

I first met Michael several years ago by way of an introduction from Kelly Card. We immediately hit it off and started talking about technology and marketing. As a newcomer to fitness, I was blown away by Michael’s wealth of knowledge about trends and history. We quickly became friends, frequently writing ebooks and hosting webinars together. Oh man, did we have fun doing those webinars! Michael and I had a blast playing off of each other, joking and sharing some wisdom to the 100+ attendees that dialed in each time.

So many folks in the fitness industry flocked to Michael and his webinars not just because he is smart and insightful and witty. They came because they knew he truly cared about them. Michael was selfless. He wasn’t in it to enrich himself, he was there because he truly cared.

We lost a great man this week, and as a collective industry, we have incredibly big shoes to fill. To quote the well-written tribute to Michael by Bryan O’Rourke, “The health club industry is a close-knit community and I suspect there are many who have known Michael, read his works or heard him speak[..]. Let’s remember him for all of the good he did in helping to educate us and think differently.”

Thank you Michael for being a much-needed maverick, mentor and friend.


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