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The 3 Best Fitness Tracking Apps on the Market

shutterstock_294860672.jpgSmartphones have changed the way people exercise. Mobile apps now enable people to track workouts, set goals and analyze progress over time. With the current market value of health and fitness apps at $4 billion, it’s clear that they’ve become an integral part of the fitness industry.

The diversity of the apps available for iOS and Android brings a holistic fitness experience to smartphones. Whether your members want to lose weight, gain muscle, train for their first marathon or eat healthier, fitness tracking apps are a great way to assist them in their goals.

Here are the the top 3.

3. Fitbit App

For any club member with a Fitbit, the Fitbit app is probably one of their best friends. The app seamlessly integrates with your members’ wearable to track their fitness progress over time. The Fitbit app includes built in GPS tracking to help members plan their runs, a calorie counter to help members plan their diet and even Fitbit challenges so that other Fitbit users can compete against each other to help accomplish their fitness goals. The app’s clean interface makes it extremely easy to use and the social aspect of it keeps members engaged and coming back for more.

The Fitbit app can become a staple of your club because of it’s ability to integrate with your club’s mobile app as well. By linking Fitbit with your club mobile app, members can become a part of your gym’s community. They can join your club’s fitness challenges and share their workouts with other members through the app’s social media feed, which are just one of the many ways members can integrate with your club even when they’re not around.

2. Moves

No wearable? No problem. With Moves, all of your fitness data is tracked directly by your phone. Moves uses your phone’s internal sensors to provide fitness metrics like steps, calories burned and total distance. Moves also takes advantage of your smartphone’s GPS to give members data on the different places their workouts took place and features an easy-to-use interface that displays the highlights of a member’s physical activity for the day.

1. MyFitnessPal

Sticking to a diet is probably the hardest part about the whole process. But what if there was an app that helped make it easier? Well, MyFitnessPal does just that. MyFitnessPal is a food tracking app that helps streamline the process of managing your diet.

Members can input their meals into MyFitnessPal and it gives them their calorie value as well as how much it contributes to their daily calorie limit. The app helps take the guesswork out of meals for dieters and since it integrates with countless other fitness tracking apps, MyFitnessPal works hand-in-hand with members’ fitness goals as well.

Fitness tracking apps are the key to your club's success in 2016. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Fitness Tracking Apps to learn how your club can get ahead this year.tracking-apps-guide

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