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The 3 Biggest Reasons to Build an App That Integrates With ClubReady

clubready-integration-shareables_blog.pngToday, having a good member management and billing system (MMS), like ClubReady, is not the only prerequisite for running a successful club. In an increasingly mobile-driven world, launching a Club Mobile App is quickly becoming a requirement and one of your members' most demanded club amenities. However, just launching any mobile app is not enough. Your app needs to become the center of your club's fitness experience, meaning it should integrate with all of your club technology, especially your MMS.

Not sure of the benefits of having a mobile app along with ClubReady as your MMS? Here are the top three:

3. Member Convenience

In a mobile-driven world, your members expect more than ever in terms of technology. Processes like hailing a cab, ordering food and checking into a hotel can now all be done with a few clicks on a mobile app. Your club members don’t want to deal with any unnecessary steps either, which is why it’s important that your mobile app integrates seamlessly with your MMS.

ClubReady is compatible with your mobile app, allowing your members to check-in, manage their accounts and even pay their monthly dues directly from their phone. Since your MMS houses all of your member’s data, including their payment info, linking it with your club’s app creates a seamless payment process that your members won’t even think twice about. Easy payment means less overdue accounts and more sales of classes, smoothies and merchandise, meaning launching a mobile could easily pay for itself.

2. Class Booking

Viewing class schedules and signing up for classes or PT has never been easier than with a MMS integrated mobile app. Instead of reserving classes in-person or just hoping that there’s an open spot when they show up, members can now use your club's app to register for classes at any time directly from their phone. They have the option to choose a specific time, as well as specify which location they’d like to take the class at.

Your club can also send out notifications through the app to members about a group class when there are open spots. Not only does this create additional opportunities for members to engage with your brand, it also gives your club additional opportunities to grow that coveted non-membership revenue.

1. Mobile Fitness Challenges

Your Club Mobile App will become your best member engagement tool, as you run club-wide member fitness challenges that reward your most engaged customers. Encourage your members to connect their favorite Fitbit wearable or tracking app to your club's app and have them compete around different fitness goals such as most calories burned, workouts completed or miles traveled. Challenges are run automatically through your app, so all your staff need to do is start the challenge in the beginning and hand out prizes at the end. This gives your members a fun way to motivate them towards their fitness goals.

These are only 3 of the many benefits a custom Club Mobile App could bring your club. The good news is, if you're a ClubReady customer, your MMS already integrates with our app platform. You can have an app up and running in just a few short weeks. Request a Demo to see how! 

Want to see what a ClubReady-integrated app can do for your club? Request a demo now:


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