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The 3 Biggest Reasons to Build an App That Connects to Your MMS

shutterstock_147970199.jpgIf you run a health club, you probably know that your member management and billing software (MMS) is the lifeblood of your business. It gives you data on important things like attrition rates, delinquent payments and even reasons why your members cancel their memberships.

Without an MMS, you’d probably be in the dark about how your club is actually doing. With offering a club mobile app becoming the new standard for the fitness industry, it’s become imperative that you not only have a robust MMS software that can dive deep into your club metrics, but also one that integrates seamlessly with your branded mobile app.

Not sure of the benefits of having an app and MMS software that can work together? Here are the top three:

3. Member Convenience

In a mobile-driven world, your members expect more than ever in terms of technology . Processes like hailing a cab, ordering food and checking into a hotel can now all be done with a few clicks on a mobile app. Your club members don’t want to deal with any unnecessary steps either, which is why it’s key that your MMS works with your club mobile app.

A MMS compatible with your mobile app allows your members to pay their monthly dues directly from their phone. Since the MMS houses all of your member’s data, including their payment info, linking it with your club’s app creates a seamless payment process that your members won’t even think twice about. An integrated MMS also opens up the option for members to check into your club with a simple barcode generated on their mobile device. Imagine never having to print out an extra keycard again. With an MMS that integrates with your mobile app, it’s possible.

2. Class Booking

Another benefit of having an MMS that integrates with your app is that it makes members signing up for group class sessions easier than ever. Instead of having to reserve classes in-person or just hoping there’s an open spot when they show up, an integrated MMS allows your members to register for classes directly from their phone. They have the option to choose a specific time as well as specify which location they’d like to take the class at, giving them more versatility in choosing when they’d like to engage with your club.

With an integrated MMS, your club can also send out targeted notifications through the app to certain members about a group class at discounted rates when there are open spots. Not only does this create additional opportunities for members to engage with your brand, it also gives your club additional opportunities at that coveted ancillary revenue.

1. Mobile Referrals

What if your members could send a text message to all of their friends recommending your club? And what if your club then had access to the contact info of all the people your members sent those referrals to? Having an integrated MMS gives your club the chance to use mobile referrals to drive prospects directly through your club’s doors.

Instead of using paper or asking for personal emails, members make referrals anytime from your club’s app. Members can select contacts to refer from their phone’s address book, and prospects then receive a personalized message via text or email with an offer to try the club. Referrals are automatically logged in the club’s MMS, and automated push alerts messages are sent to the prospect to increase engagement during the trial. Prospects can join the club in person, online or even directly through your club’s mobile app.

Consumers are more likely to respond positively to a referral if it comes directly from someone they trust. And what’s more trustworthy than a personalized text message from a friend? Clubs using the referral feature have seen up to 90 new prospects in one month and thousands of dollars in extra revenue. Don’t you want that to be your club too?

A great MMS system isn't the only technology you need to take advantage of in your club. Need more tech tips? Check out ourn10 Tech Trends in 2016 guide for more.


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