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The 3 Most Expensive Gym Memberships in the World


What do you charge for your membership fee? $20 a month? $100 a month for advanced classes? Even if you charged $1,000 a month, you wouldn’t even come close to the most expensive gyms in the world. These gyms are opulent, sometimes ridiculous, and all have very, very high membership fees. Wondering what $2,500 a month gets you? Read on to find out: these are the three most expensive gym memberships in the world.

1. Wellness Sky

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Membership Fee: $30,000 per year

Originally designed about 35 years ago as an exclusive restaurant on the Belgrade waterfront, Wellness Sky is now one of the most luxurious gym memberships on Earth. Besides being one of the best sightseeing locations in Serbia, the gym is known for it’s body balance program that mixes yoga, pilates and tai chi to sculpt it’s members into physical specimens. The gym is designed to be spacious so “visitors should be getting an impression of entering a cloud on arrival.” While that’s a nice description, for 30 grand a year it better not be crowded.



Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Membership Fee: $30,000 a year


Designed for professional (or very rich) athletes, EXOS is “the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy.” Formerly the Athletics Performance Gym, EXOS is the premiere location for offseason workouts for the world’s most famous athletes. You’ll find familiar faces like Larry FItzgerald or Kevin Love using the underwater treadmill, football field, cold and hot pools or the best physical therapy money can buy. It would be fun to try to out-sprint Colin Kaepernick, but unless you get a free day pass it’s a steep price to pay to lose.


3. E at Equinox

Location: New York City

Membership Fee: $26,000


For $2,166 a month, you don’t even get a membership card at E at Equinox. Instead, each member signs in using a retina scanner. With only two locations in the world, E locations focus on overall quality of life over how much a member can squat. Each member is paired with a “Tier 4” personal trainer (the best Equinox has to offer), who designs specialized workouts for each member. During the workout, five to six other Tier 4 personal trainers are watching and offering advice to ensure the best workout possible. Besides the privacy (there’s only about 50 members at the New York location) and luxury benefits, members get a 3D body scan to track their progress. While you do get unlimited access to the facilities, you’d think for the price tag you’d get the personal training treatment every time--instead, members only get two sessions a week.


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