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The Best 3 Apps That Sync With Wearables


When purchasing a wearable one factor that is often overlooked is the app itself. While the hardware is always important, the app is what you're going to be interacting with in on a day-to-day basis. Making sure the app is easy to use, connects to your club's mobile app and is functional for your primary expected use should all be factors in your decision.

Main App Features

  • Connects with your wearable device
  • Provides deep tracking information for food, weight, activity, sleep, heart rate and more
  • Used as a standalone tracking app

Members That Will Love It

Wearable owners that are “power users” when it comes to fitness tracking. These members want to easily view and analyze all of their tracked data in one place.

Here are the pros and cons of our top 3 choices:

Fitbit Appfitbit-logo.png

  • Built-in GPS run tracking, stats and split times
  • Clean, easy to read interface that focuses on showing activity
  • Syncs with the entire suite of FitBit products including the Aria Smart Scale to track weight changes
  • Limited “smart” features with smartphone
  • Reported problems syncing between app and device

Available for iOS and Android.

Up By Jawboneup-logo.png

  • “Smart coach” personalized workout and diet plans
  • Auto sleep detection for sleep tracking features
  • Connect with friends and family through challenges and leaderboards
  • Doesn’t automatically log workouts
  • Food scores only operate on set times during the day: 9am, noon, 5pm

Available for iOS and Android.

Apple Healthapple-icon.png

  • Provides templates to record sleep and fitness activity
  • Records medical information and vitamin intake
  • Automatically tracks steps, distance and calories
  • Manual entry required for most features
  • Heavily relies on the use of other apps
  • Not the most attractive interface

Available for iOS.

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