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The Best 3 Fitness Motivation Apps

motivation-apps.jpgWhether the gym is seemingly too far, or your workout feels jaded, It’s hard to break out of a monotonous routine. Apps that change the purpose of your exercise can help provide that much needed spark. Whether it's potentially losing money, donating to charity or turning your workout into a video game, there are apps that will get your off your couch and into the gym. 

Main App Features

  • Gamifies the fitness experience
  • Keeps people entertained during workouts
  • Enables people to work towards real-world goals and rewards

Members That Will Love It

Those that have trouble committing to exercise on a consistent basis and need a little motivation like losing money or raising money for a charity.

Here are the pros and cons of our top 3 choices:

Zombies Run!Zombie_Run.jpeg

  • Highly entertaining storyline
  • Constantly updated list of missions
  • Combines GPS tracking with a role playing game
  • Can be confusing for first-time users
  • May not be appropriate for those who scare easily (especially at night)

Available for iOS and Android.


  • Earn cash for staying active, paid by members who don’t
  • Wager for exercise or eating goals each week
  • Snap photos of meals to record them
  • Wait times vary for meal approvals
  • Problems tracking workouts from other apps

Available for iOS and Android.

Charity Milescharity-miles-logo.jpeg

  • Raise money for people’s favorite charities by exercising
  • Measures distance for walking, running and biking and makes donations from corporate sponsors
  • Basic tracking features like steps and calories
  • Location services constantly drains battery

Available for iOS and Android.

Learn more about tracking workouts. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Tracking Apps:tracking-apps-guide

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