4 Vital Parts of Your Gym's Brand

shutterstock_272638004_1.jpgEvery business has a brand. Put simply, your brand is the idea or image that your members connect with when they think about your club. As competition in the fitness industry increases, it’s more important than ever to have a recognizable brand that members (and potential members) identify with and relate to. 

As you build your brand, here are some things your club should keep in mind.


Your logo is often the most recognizable part of your brand. When you are working on a logo design, be sure to keep it simple with only a few elements and colors. A good logo is visually appealing but also has meaning. Take for example a few famous logos that also have meaning:



As you’re picking colors to represent your brand, don’t just choose the ones shared by your favorite sports team. Instead, think about the story and feelings you outlined above to pick the colors that best tell your brand’s story. Is your club more intense (red), more calm (blue), somewhere in the middle (orange), out of the ordinary (purple) or focused on natural health (green)?

The colors you choose will send a message to prospects and members defining what your club is about, so choose wisely.



When you are selecting a font for your club, similar to colors, you must also consider your story and desired feelings from prospects and members. A thicker and wider font is typically see as more intense, macho and sometimes old-school. On the other hand, a thinner font can be fresh, new and high-tech, but may also appear weaker. If you’ve defined what type of member you want to attract, it’ll be easier to choose a relatable font.



The words you use to describe your club are just as important as your logo, colors and fonts. These words might include your club’s tagline or “elevator pitch.” Ask yourself: How do you describe your club? If you could sum up the culture of your club, what type of person would be most compelled to join? Coming up with these words isn’t easy. Consider having a brainstorming session with your club’s leadership team to formulate ideas.

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