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The Power of Push Alerts for Member Engagement


Looking for a new way to connect with your members but don't know how? Learn how to utilize push alert notifications at your club!

Member communication is a vital component for effective engagement. While many forms of member communication provide value, there is one method that is taking hold in clubs across the world: the use of mobile push alert notifications.

Push alerts are messages that appear on the home screen of members' smartphones, similar to text messages. They are delivered by your Club Mobile App and can be sent as often as you want, for free!

Why Are Push Alerts so Powerful?

Keep in mind that 80% of health club members carry a smart phone, so using it as a tool for engagement is incredibly impactful for communication. When a member downloads the Club Mobile App, they are essentially subscribing to your brand. This means they will receive instant communication from you via push alert notifications.

For maximum member connectivity, they can be used to communicate breaking club news, promotions and advertise different resources within your club. Push alerts can also be spur of the moment ideas that are scheduled in advance, sent to all your members or sent to members in a specific region. 

How to Drive Revenue With Push Alerts

There are many clubs successfully using push alerts in targeted campaigns to drive revenue within selected profit centers. Your club can start using push alerts with some of the examples below:

  1. “For an instant workout partner click here to sign up your friends and family today right from our mobile app!”
  2. “Every fitness goal must have a starting point. Click here to register for your free body composition analysis.”
  3. “Bring a friend for free to Boot Camp tomorrow morning only!”
  4. “Refer 3 friends today in our mobile app and get a free smoothie.”
  5. “Show this message at the club for 20% off your supplement purchase today only!”
  6. “Order your smoothie through our app until 7:00 pm and receive a $1 off!”

Want to learn more about how to utilize push alerts in your club? Read our Official Guide to Club Mobile apps!


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