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The Sales Rep that Never Sleeps


Imagine a sales rep that literally never sleeps. She spends every day and night engaging with members, talking to them about trying personal training, or she is chatting up prospects, getting them excited about all of the benefits of a membership with your club. Your Club Mobile App is that amazing sales rep (and it never takes a lunch break).

A Club Mobile App gives you sales and marketing superpowers. How, you may ask?

Once downloaded, members can access your app 24/7 to make purchases, learn about the club, track their fitness goals and so much more. Now compare that to a direct mail campaign, that more often than not, ends up right in the trash can. Right from the app, members can:

  • Purchase personal training sessions

  • Purchase club merchandise

  • Register for paid Group X classes

  • Purchase special deals and promotions

How do we tell members about these great things to buy? The answer is one of the most important features of a Club Mobile App: Push Alerts!

What if, at the press of a button you could speak to every single one of your members and deliver a clear message, like a 30% discount offer for new personal training sessions? Now imagine if you could send that message to every member, all at once, instantaneously, for free?

Push Alert notifications are short messages that appear on a member’s smartphone home screen, sent by your mobile app. For example: 


Push Alerts are:

  • Better than text messages, no laws or fines regulating usage

  • Better than email, read far more often than emails, which often go to spam

  • Better than direct mail, for a fraction of the cost you immediately reach your members

  • Free to send as many as you want from a Club Mobile App!

There are many more ways push notifications can directly drive club revenue and engagement. Learn more in the Ultimate Guide to Push Notifications:


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