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The Sexiest Wearables at #FIBO2016

sexyFIBO.jpgThe wearable revolution is here. Wearables are the talk of every 2016 tech convention, new products like Fitbit’s Alta and Blaze are flying off the shelves, and within two years the global wearable market is expected to be worth over $12 billion. With #FIBO2016, one of the biggest fitness industry events in the world, we decided to take a look at the sexiest wearables on display at the Exhibition Centre Cologne in Cologne, Germany.

1. Cosinuss

Cosinuss is a revolutionary heart-rate monitor that goes into your ear, rather than around your torso. Instead of a loudspeaker, Cosinuss’ Bluetooth headsets contain a sensor that can measure the heartbeat optically by detecting the rush of blood under the skin inside of the ear.

The technology used by Cosinuss is based on the same principles as fingertip heart-rate monitors found at hospitals. The headset is also the first wearable device that can continuously measure core body temperature during activity. Having a device that tracks body temperature can help determine how well an athlete is performing and can help avoid common activity issues like dehydration and overheating.

2. Polar

Like Cosinuss, Polar creates heart-rate monitors that are built into the wearable devices and don’t require any attachments. Polar also creates GPS enabled smartwatches for long distance runners and cyclists.

The devices  help you map your route, display your speed on runs, help you customize weekly training goals and have the typical wearable feature of monitoring steps, calories burned and quality of sleep. Unlike competitors like Fitbit who have battery lives that last just a little over a week, Polar makes wearables that can last up to two weeks at a time while notifying users about incoming calls, texts or social media notifications.

3. MyZone

MyZone’s newest product, the MZ-3 is another heart-rate monitor that offers way more than simple Beats Per Minute (BPM) recording. Unlike the other two, MyZone is an actual heart monitoring chest strap that awards the member points based on their BPM. While wearing the device, members can run, row, swim, cycle or do any other activity that gets the monitor activated.

Over time, MyZone can analyze the user’s results and create “activity levels” that are customized based on your previous results. For example, you would get a single MyZone Effort Point (MEP) for every minute spent in the lowest level, compared to four MEP’s for every minute spent in the upper levels. The activity levels evolve over time, depending on how the user’s performance changes.

The tracker is capable of storing 16 hours of data at a time and displays real time results on members’ mobile phones. The MZ-3 is compatible with a diverse array of fitness apps and devices like Apple Watch and MapMyRun, and is 99.4% as accurate as medical grade EKG machines.

From San Francisco to Cologne, trends in technology around the world are rapidly changing. Want to learn about some of the others? Check out our 10 Tech Trends in 2016 guide!


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