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The Top 3 Cycling Apps

Cycling is one of the most common forms of cardio among gym members. It's low-impact, has numerous health benefits and is a great way to explore the outdoors. Cycling apps allow members to track all their rides, and when connected to your club's mobile app, joins their cycling workout to their gym workout. Encourage your cycling enthusiast members to use their cycling app even as they bike to and from the club.

Main App Features

  • Access live GPS directions and mapping of activity
  • Design training routes and plans
  • Compete against previous workouts and friends

Members That Will Love It

The cyclist that wants to be able to navigate and track all of their rides as well as collect performance data.

Here are the pros and cons of our top 3 choices:


  • Excellent, cycling-centric interface
  • Accurate GPS and mapping
  • Bluetooth heart rate monitor support
  • Goal tracking restricted to premium members
  • Lacks privacy

Available for iOS and Android.


  • Easy to use
  • Part of the entire MapMyFitness suite of apps
  • Tracking delay features
  • Some data restricted to web account access
  • No daily, weekly and monthly summary totals

Available for iOS and Android.


  • Rich feature list
  • Great graph output of workout data
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Only for iPhone
  • Congested display of information

Available for iOS.

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