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Top 5 Fastest Growing Training Trends in the Fitness Industry


Every member has their preference for how the train whether it’s alone, a personal training session or maybe a group exercise class. While all of these remain popular methods of working out, there has been major growth in some innovative training styles over the past 2 years.

ACE, ClubIntel and IHRSA recently released an industry-wide study on fitness trends from 2013 to 2015 across multiple categories. These are the training trends that saw the biggest growth during this span:

5. Use of Fitness Wearables With Clients Have Increased By 77%

This is a no brainer. Wearables have taken the fitness industry by storm and for good reason. They deliver a deep catalog of data to both members and trainers that would’ve been unfathomable ten years ago. Trainers are able to see a holistic view of their client’s fitness activity. This enables them to fine tune clients’ training regiments and help them achieve greater fitness results.

4. Virtual Self-Directed Fitness Programs Have Increased By 80%

These programs are done online or via a mobile app, guiding members through a full fitness plan in place of a personal trainer. It allows members to move at their own pace and operate on their own schedule, while still having them to stick to a proven and effective routine.

3. Non-Traditional Adventure Training Has Increased By 98%

Members are becoming bored with the same traditional group exercise offerings from health clubs. The new wave adventure classes, incorporating things like obstacle courses, seeks to address that. They enable members to forget that they’re working out through a variety of activities that take them out of their regular fitness environment.

2. Virtual Group Exercise Classes Have Increased By 129%

These classes are entertaining, they deliver results and most of all, they are convenient for members. The fact that members can participate in these programs whenever and wherever they want is the major reason they have seen such a rise in popularity. Members don’t have to register for any classes or fit them into their busy schedule -- it’s all done at their leisure.

1. Barre Classes Have Increased By 141%

Barre classes have made fitness fun while becoming one of the most popular ways for members to get fit. They build lean muscle and flexibility through a mix of yoga and ballet exercises focusing on isometric strength training (where the joint angle and muscle length don’t change during contraction). These static positions are combined with high repetitions of small range-of-motion movements and will even incorporate light weights for a deeper burn.

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