The Untapped Fitness Marketing Potential of reddit

reddit4.pngWith the world growing more connected by the day and with billions of people primed to buy smartphones over the next five years, building one’s brand through the internet has never been more vital. Over the last few years however, popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become inundated with things like bland advertising campaigns and uninteresting corporate social media presences.

As a result, we've reached the point where a more creative strategy may be necessary to get in touch with the audience any given health club values most.

Part of that strategy might be to include reddit in your club's social media rotation.

What is reddit?

Though it’s perceived as a lawless part of the internet, reddit is actually a collection of unique online communities that serve the varying interests of a diverse group of around 20 million (and growing) users per month.

On reddit, each community is called a subreddit, to which users are able to post, comment and subscribe. Currently, the fitness focused subreddit has over five million subscribers who post things from questions about their exercise form, to tips on how to best adjust their diet to a new workout regimen. Unlike other social media platforms, there are an explicit set of norms followed by users called "reddiquette", and new members are expected to conform.

For example:

  • Remember the human.
  • Adhere to the same standards of behavior. 
  • Read the rules of a community before making a submission.

However, these norms actually make it infinitely easier to forge meaningful relationships with your target audience. 

The homepage of the fitness subreddit is seen below:


How can you leverage the fitness subreddit?

1. Join the conversation.

The most direct method of forging these relationships is to simply join the conversation. On the fitness subreddit, most posts are questions, meaning that as experts in the health and fitness industry your club would likely be able to provide thoughtful answers. The more often your club does so, the more valued it’s voice would become in the fitness subreddit community, which then creates a platform for the club to begin sharing original content from their blog, and brings traffic from reddit to your club’s website.

2. Become an authroity.

As your club gains traffic from reddit and potentially more members, it could become a noted authority within the fitness subreddit community, perhaps even dedicating entire blog posts to questions posed on the thread, or providing links to outside websites that offer more information when your club is unable to.

3. Keep it personable.

The most important part of this strategy however, is to make sure your reddit presence is as personable as possible. This comes from crafting your profile. Instead of identifying yourself as a club, your username should simply be related to your club's knowledge of health and fitness (think: TheFitnessGuru), which makes it more likely for other redditors to respect your voice.

Getting involved on reddit is certainly a long term, highly intensive process. It involves a committed person or two to engage users on a daily basis, and it undoubtedly takes time to adjust to the culture and norms of the platform. But if utilized correctly, reddit can become an extension of your club’s brand, and put it in a unique position in comparison to competitors moving forward.

Still stuck on how to get started on reddit? Check out this guide to get you going!

Looking to become a Social Media guru? We have a guide for that:


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