3 Tips for Social Media at Your Health Club

shutterstock_193510067.jpgIf you’re like most club operators, you've already jumped onto the social media bandwagon. You may even be tweeting regularly or sharing interesting pictures with your followers on Facebook and Instagram. For many clubs, the challenge is that you aren’t getting enough followers or likes, and you’re wondering if social media is worth your time. You’re busy running your club after all!

Americans now spend more time on social media than any other online activity. This is a huge group of active and potential members that you can engage with. Experts agree that social media is a great way to engage your members and drive brand recognition, and more importantly, new sales.

So as your club looks to drive social media growth, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Keep it Social

People don’t go to Facebook to look at ads, but rather to make personal connections with people. Though your ultimate goal may be to encourage a referral or get a new member, you must do this through making a perceived personal connection with your active and potential members.

Use informal language, engaging potential members like you would a friend. It has been shown that “amatuer” looking photos often perform better on social media than staged, professional ones. Additionally, be sure to respond directly to what people are saying with comments (Facebook and Instagram) or mentions and re-tweets (Twitter).

2. Remember the Rule of Thirds

The best way to keep your posts both social and likeable, while also fulfilling your business purposes is to following the Rule of Thirds:

⅓ of your content should be relevant and interesting industry content. This could include links to interesting articles, helpful exercise routines or just fun images and infographics.

⅓ of your content should be social in nature, connecting your followers with your club. This could include reposted member photos, club photos, staff profiles, etc.

⅓ of your content should directly promote your business. This could include club announcements, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

3. Be Patient and Stay Active

Even good social media marketing plans are long-term strategies that take time to implement. You should expect to spend some time daily being active on all of your social media channels. Free online tools such as and can be helpful in automating posts. Though you may not see an immediate benefit, social media can help build customer loyalty and increasing the quality of your club’s brand in the long run.

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