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Top 3 Lead Generation Systems for Member Referrals


Member referrals are among the most important sources of new members for clubs. In fact, many clubs report that 65% of new members come from referrals. As a club operator, how can you get the MOST out of your member referrals?

In the old days, we would have paper and clipboards at the front desk where members could make referrals. We all know those days have come and gone. Now members demand a more frictionless experience. Digitizing your member referral system creates a faster and easier way to gather potential leads.

How can you keep track of those mobile referrals?

Once you are collecting referrals digitally, it’s important to have a centralized place to keep track of those referrals. Many clubs have already implemented a customer relationship management system (CRM) to digitally track leads. These CRMs can automatically log referrals submitted from a club’s mobile app or online. In addition, you should be using your CRM to track leads, organize sales reps, schedule follow-ups, etc.

Which CRMs offer the best lead system?

Consider these options:


Club OS

Club OS is an application designed to help decrease costs, increase revenue and enhance the member experience. This interface is comprised of Sales Flow and Fitness Foundation. Sales Flow is a do-it-all CRM centered around lead nurturing through interaction capturing and automated campaigns. Fitness Foundation helps your personal trainers connect with members by providing an easy way to assign workouts, track goals and regulate a nutrition schedule.

Key Features:

Lead Manager

  • Captures every interaction with prospects from walk-ins, phone inquiries, social media and beyond
  • Leads are automatically fed into follow-up and email marketing campaigns


  • Following up with leads through a variety of integrated platforms
  • Built in email and text automation so your staff won’t have to use personal accounts

Live Dashboards

  • Live updates in real time
  • View key prospecting and sales activity right from your profile page

Email Campaigns

  • Email marketing without having to use a separate system
  • Selective targeting to make sure buyers are most receptive


InTouch is a club management software built for the worldwide fitness industry. Used by over 800 health clubs around the world, InTouch allows you to feed your sales pipeline by increasing the accuracy of captured information and convert more leads into members. Each lead is guaranteed 7 to 11 points of contact through automated and personal communication.

Key Features:


  • InTouch welcome kiosk gathers guest information providing direct lead retention
  • Leads automatically flow into your follow-up workflow from your website, mobile app or Facebook page


  • Automated phone call, email and text message follow-ups
  • Set automatic communication schedules


  • Personalized automated text messages
  • Sales staff daily planner to stay on top of leads


  • Sales activity tracking
  • Key reports automatically emailed daily


LeadDolphin allows you to maximize your lead management efforts by being more proactive and efficient with customer data. The key component of their software is that it’s cloud-based, meaning you can access your data through a web browser from anywhere in the world. This creates a new platform for versatile communication.

Key Features:


  • Multi-channel communication with leads through email, text messages and phone calls through their campaign management tool
  • Web hosted on the cloud so data can be accessed anywhere


  • Custom lead generation forms
  • Guests forms are digitally submitted directly into your dashboard for follow up


  • Interactive sales team communication center
  • Creates a collaborative community for the sales team


Boost Your Lead Generation

Regardless of which lead system you choose, the most important thing is that you’re generating new leads to be managed. Having a Club Mobile App is an integral part of remaining competitive in today's fitness environment and generating those leads. Not only does having a personalized app create an easy way to drive revenue, keep members engaged and improve the club experience, it’s also a simple way to catalyze member referrals. In seconds members can enter their friend’s email address and refer them to the club.

Mobile apps also allow members to receive points for engaging with the club for things such as checking in or even making member referrals. Members can exchange these points for rewards at the club, like free merchandise. Having a mobile app creates a constant referral incentive right in the palm of members hands.


Interested in supercharging your member referral program? Check out our ultimate guide to member referrals:

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