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Tracking Your Way to Fitness: The Impact of Tracking Technology

 weight-loss-650x300-72dpiWith the advent of wearable technology and mobile apps, fitness tracking is more accessible then ever. But how does this technology accelerate the fitness journey and which platforms are best?

When it comes to diet and exercise, research shows that having the ability to track progress can lead to more motivated health club members. These members are more likely to achieve their fitness goals and continue their membership at your club.

Furthermore, when your members are able to track their food consumption and calories expended from exercise, they tend to make better dietary choices and live a more active lifestyle.

But How Can Your Members Track Their Fitness Progress?

Your members can track their fitness progress through the use of wearables and fitness apps. These technologies have the ability to show how many minutes your members were active that day - as well as track the number of calories they consumed per meal.

This data can be integrated with the Club Mobile App, a platform where your members can participate in fitness challenges, make mobile payments, earn rewards and engage with your club's brand. 

Through this integration, your members can efficiently determine their strengths and weaknesses involving diet and exercise. This can help motivate them to lead a healthier more active lifestyle.

What Tracking Technology Should Your Members Use?

There are two components of fitness tracking: wearables and apps. Wearables are devices that can be worn by your members and apps are mobile applications that can be downloaded from the iTunes or Andorid store. 

Here are a few tracking technologies recommended by the Netpulse team:


Fitbit Flex

A product for members who want a simple non-intrusive wearable that is great at doing one thing – tracking their activity during the day. Members can easily use the Fitbit Flex to participate in fitness challenges or other health related goals. These challenges can be a competition based on club attendance, steps taken or even calories burned. 

Jawbone up24

A wearable for members who prefer a minimalist design. Your members can connect the data from their Jawbone up24 to the digital signage in your club. After syncing with the Club Mobile App, members are able to track all their fitness data in one place. 

Basis Carbon Steel Edition

Your health club members can use this wearable to track their fitness progress in a variety of ways. The Basis Carbon Steel Edition provides a built-in step by step guide for practicing healthy lifestyle habits. Other features include wrist sensors that measure skin temperature, heart rate and there are functions that can even record perspiration level to determine your optimal exercise level. 


Lark App

Members who are looking for a more interactive wearable can use the Lark app. Available for both iOS and Android, the Lark app provides your members with a 24/7 weight loss coach and nutritionist. Your members text the Lark App and it will automatically respond with nutritional information. Responses include data on your members' protein intake, water consumption and other beneficial health knowledge. The Lark app also automatically tracks  exercise from  smartphone sensors and coaches members to get more active based on their daily activities.    

Moves App

An activity diary for your members' Apple or Android device, the Moves app automatically records and recognizes walking, running and cycling. Unlike other fitness trackers, the Moves app provides a timeline of a member's day, showing everything from the activities they attended to the distance between each location they traveled to. 

Nike+ Fuel App

This iOS app tracks all fitness activity, while also giving your members NikeFuel Points that allow them to compare their fitness progress with their friends' goals via social media.

Temple App

This app is for members who are looking to track their fitness habits on a daily basis. If your members are looking to monitor their fitness progress more frequently, the Temple app is a great platform to use. It's perfect for members who are constantly on-the-go since it sends reminders to drink more water, exercise more and can even be customized to remind members to attend yoga or Pilates classes.  

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