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This Is EGYM

EGYM is a global fitness technology leader that connects the dots between exercise and real health outcomes by partnering with fitness and health facilities worldwide to make workouts smarter, more efficient, and fun for everyone.

What Moves Us Is Moving Fitness Forward

We are a global fitness technology leader that provides fitness and health facilities with intelligent workout solutions built on a robust ecosystem of connected gym equipment and software. EGYM empowers gym operators to deliver a comprehensive workout experience through its smart gym equipment and digital solutions to support their members' fitness journey and provide data-based guidance to help them stay motivated and achieve their goal of a healthier life with improved physical and mental wellness. Because there is one thing we are convinced of: member success means gym success.

Focus on Strength

A common misconception we see is users prioritizing low-intensity cardio over strength training. Beginners are intimidated by selectorized weight machines and don't know how to work out with free weight systems, so gym-goers end up choosing the less intimidating experience. We believe strength is paramount to achieving real health outcomes!


Every body is different, and this should be the same for our workout recommendations. When it comes to creating the perfect training program, we need to offer personalized training programs that appreciate individual goals, capabilities, and effort.


The reasons most gym-goers fail are manifold, but two stick out: A lack of knowledge and motivation. To solve this, we need to offer members a guided and fun workout experience that helps members feel safe and keeps them on track.

Visible Success

Members often give up on their training program because they cannot gauge their success fast enough. While physically visible results sometimes trail the effort, we can reward activity starting from the first workout and make achievements visible early on to keep members engaged.

Exercise is Everywhere

The modern fitness journey cannot be confined to a specific space. We need to meet members where they are and help them connect their workout data in one place while simultaneously offering them cohesive guidance, motivation, and support on and off the training floor.

Solutions Not Products

When it comes to our customers, the fitness and health facilities, we try to tackle their challenges from a solutions perspective by combining the products in our ecosystem in a meaningful way to them and their unique situation, making it easier for them provide a unified and efficient training experience to their members.

Our Journey From Smart Strength Machines To a Fitness Ecosystem

What started in 2010 as an idea has developed into an international company with over 600 employees in dozens of locations. Here is a brief history of some of the most critical milestones in EGYM history.

Connecting the Dots Between Exercise and Health

EGYM Experience

We have built a fitness ecosystem that closes the gap between expert exercise products and non-expert users. Our vision is to offer a holistic workout experience built around the fitness journey. With workout machines, digital services, and personalized training programs – we pride ourselves in making the gym work for everyone.

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Success Model

Providing excellent service is as important as providing great products. Our emphasis on customer success is one of the critical things that make us stand out from the crowd. Whether it is helping you with your floor planning or providing you with creative ideas and materials to market EGYM to your members – we are there for you!

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