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EGYM Digital solutions combine and visualize all fitness activity into engaging and motivating insights for members and trainers alike.

Branded Member App

With the new EGYM Branded Member App, you can represent your gym brand to the world with a unified and powerful mobile touchpoint. The design of the app can be fully customized to your requirements and matched with your corporate identity. Leverage powerful marketing features that will take your member engagement to the next level!

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EGYM Trainer

Connective. Intuitive. Empowering. With the fully overhauled EGYM Trainer app, it just became that much easier for your trainers to guide and improve their member workouts. Save time organizing and focus on the essentials: improving your member care!

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Mobile Packs

EGYM Mobile Packs bundle our EGYM Trainer and the EGYM Branded Member App with unique feature sets and offer you digital studio solutions that will delight your trainers and members alike.

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Explore Our Workout Solutions

Smart Strength

Our 18 Smart Strength machines for a personalized training experience.

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Training Programs

The right training for individual goals.

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Smart Cardio

Stay connected and make endurance training smart.

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EGYM Workouts Overview

Discover all our smart exercise equipment.

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