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Smart Strength For Your Success

Smart features to excite your members and fuel your business.

Member Success Is Gym Success

The success of your members and your gym are closely linked. That's why our Smart Strength machines don't just offer personalized workout experiences for all your members but also smart ways for operators to make their business more profitable.

Workout Engagement




more gym visits from EGYM users

Member Success




strength improvement in 3 months

Member Loyalty




17 % less churn with EGYM users

Generate Additional Revenue With Smart Strength

Generate additional revenues that match your business model with EGYM Smart Strength: For operators, the Guest Mode, EGYM ID, and EGYM+ allow you to monetize all the added benefits of our machines and create powerful incentives for membership upsells directly on your fitness floor.

No EGYM ID? No Problem!

Members can work out without an EGYM ID in the optional Guest Mode, similar to regular selectorized machines. The training method "Regular" is available in guest mode, and EGYM Bar provides live feedback, offering members a sneak preview of the benefits of working out with an EGYM ID and creating new upselling opportunities for your success.

Personalization with EGYM ID

Never set up machines or track workouts manually again! The EGYM ID is the key to a personalized workout experience: Members gain access to "Basic" and "Negative" training methods and get a taste of the comprehensive benefits of EGYM+, our comprehensive offering of training methods and programs.

Upgraded workouts with EGYM+

Unlocks the next level of the workout experience and all our smart training methods. Auto Mode provides beginners access to targeted training programs. EGYM+ can be turned on and off for individual members for optimal monetization.

The Plus for Workouts: EGYM+

EGYM+ can be turned on and off for individual members via the EGYM Trainer App or compatible member management software. You decide how to integrate EGYM+ into your membership types: For all members, together with EGYM Smart Strength equipment via EGYM ID, or on-top of EGYM ID in a separate membership - for even more precise monetization in your gym.

More revenue: Offer access to EGYM+ through higher value memberships.

Better member loyalty: Satisfied customers that reach their goals.

Additional sales opportunities: Increased customer demand from existing customers.

Easy activation via EGYM Trainer App or compatible member management software.

Added Value for Operators, Trainers & Members

For Operators


  • Efficient onboarding to EGYM Smart Strength via Fitness Hub reduces your members' onboarding time.
  • Efficient space utilization and higher equipment utilization reduce your cost per member served in circuit mode.
  • Personalized workout experiences for every target group, from beginners to experts.
  • Lower drop-out rate and fluctuation among EGYM users.
  • Multiple monetization opportunities.

For Trainers


  • Focus on personalized support instead of routine tasks like setting up individual machines.
  • Thanks to Smart Strength for the entire fitness floor experts can now receive data-driven coaching.
  • Visualizes and interprets progress in strength training, helping trainers communicate performance with a metric that's easy for the member to understand: BioAge "Strength".
  • No more cumbersome appointment management thanks to appointment-free coaching.

For Exercisers


  • A personalized workout experience for everyone instead of one experience for all. 
  • An average strength increase of 29% after three months of training on EGYM Smart Strength (With regular workouts at least 2x/week).
  • Average BioAge reduction of 16 years after only three months of training on EGYM Smart Strength (With regular workouts at least 2x/week).
  • Motivational live feedback increases stamina and ensures long-term workout success.

Want More Details About Smart Strength?

In a free demo, we'll show you all the possible ways you can leverage Smart Strength for your fitness floor.

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