Utilizing Social Media to Explode App Engagement


Marketing is simple - Find your target, speak to your target. Notice I said simple, not easy. What makes marketing so tough these days is knowing where and when to speak to your target. Social Media has made it extremely easy to have a voice, but with so many platforms and tons of other facilities, it makes it tough for your voice to stand out. 

If you have your own branded club mobile app, you sit in a very exclusive position with your marketing. You have hundreds maybe even thousands of people that are already entrusting your brand to their health and wellness journey. In most cases, these members already know, like, and trust you. Thats 90% of the battle. Sometimes though it still feels like it's a tough job getting people to download and utilize your app to get even closer to their fitness goals. 

In this post, I'm going to explain how you should be using 3 of the top social platforms to increase app engagement and diversify member engagement in the facility. 


Facebook is obviously the number one platform you should be on. Everyone and their mother is on it and in most cases, they also like your brand's facebook page already. 

On your Facebook page, give the members visuals of the app. Quick How To's are always great, but even better is show them what they get by installing the app. Show them your rewards platform, talk to them about your challenges and show them how easy it is to track and log workouts. 

The best part about Facebook are the conversations you can have with members. By posting engaging topics, like your club mobile app, you have the ability to engage your members outside of your four walls and even having meaningful conversations. 


Instagram is huge. If you aren't already using the story, start today. On top of posting pictures and short clips to your feed, you can add real time accounts of members in your gym. This can be them working out, talking, or even brief testimonials about how the app has helped them reach their goals or made the gym more enjoyable. This is a platform you can use extensively to pre market your app as well - tell people about it, get them excited, and really build anticipation. 


The hidden gem. I'd be willing to bet a lot of you reading this have a personal snapchat, but how about your gym? This is a huge platform to connect with your younger members. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where your members are scrolling and you have to draw them in with vibrant colors, questions and excitement, snapcat users are engaged and paying attention to the short video they have in front of them. Very similar to Instagram, you can snap your club, your members and testimonials and see massive growth. 

Paid Ads

For each of these platforms you can boost posts and place paid ads on your platform reaching far more individuals than if you were to stick just to the people that like your page. Facebook and Instagram are getting saturated quite quickly, but Snapchat is still the unpaved frontier when it comes to ads. With that said, it is the cheapest form of social advertising at the moment and a huge way to gain access to the Millennials and Gen Z'ers. If you are boosting your club try putting in a little nugget about your app. How cool it is, and show some members that are excited. If you're offering a free trial or a discount, let people know that they only get the trial if they have downloaded your app. Always make sure your ads bright and highlight the app benefits, consider targeting the app ad for the custom audience (“members who don’t have the app”) and  try to use smart links to make the app install process as easy as possible. The less steps to engagement the better. 

The theme of any marketing is to centralize your messaging to what you want your members to use. If you are looking to benefit from your club mobile app by increasing revenue, referrals and improving your retention, you need to start by centralizing your messaging to the app. Your members are on their phone, they're on social media. If you master the art of marketing your app digitally, you'll get far more buy in from your members. 




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