What are Leading Health Clubs Doing on YouTube?


Despite global popularity, YouTube remains an untapped channel for many health club owners. How do you run a successful Youtube channel and what types of videos should you post?

YouTube videos are a great way to showcase the personality of your club. You can use them to enable prospective members to virtually “tour” your space, as well as engage current members with relevant content.

Here are a few examples of types of videos you can post:

Member Testimonies

Member testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to gain credibility, trust and generate more business. They should show the achievability of fitness goals and how your health club is the first step in completeing that success story. Prospective customers will recognize a genuine testimony, so be sure to stay away from cheesy propaganda.

Go Health Clubs' "Success Story" video series does a great job of showing sincere membership testimonies, while also promoting the amenities of their healthclubs. Each "Success Story" showcases one of their members, their fitness journey and how Go Health Clubs are a vital compoenent of their fitness motivation.

"How To" Videos

Posting “How to” videos are a great way to enhance the quality of service your personal trainers provide. The average club member only sees their personal trainer once or twice a week. Perfecting form can be difficult and without a constant reference, easy to forget. Providing simple demonstrations are a great way to reconnect with members and showcase your personal training services to members who have not joined.

"How to" demonstrations are some of the most popular videos on the the In-Shape YouTube channel. Their videos are a great example for "How to's" because they display proper technique and each coach thoroughly explains how to perform the exercise.


Intro Videos

Intro videos showcase your health club, staff and services. They should tell your story, represent your brand and highlight how your business differs from others.

The Push Fitness Club intro video uniquely shows all areas of their gym. They mix live action shots of their members exercising, while also catching attractive angles of their space.

Comedic Videos

Comedic videos are another good way to advertise your health club. These types of videos can easily go viral and give more personality to your image.

Planet Fitness is a prime example of a health club that has made a successful comedic video. They posted a hilarious parody of their gym and recieved over 2 million views.


When it comes to creating your own YouTube videos, there are a few options. You can hire someone to make your video, or you can try to film it yourself. Hiring professionals to film your video can be costly, but there are services like VideoPixie that offer professional help with fair pricing. Their costs generally range between $500 - $10,000 per video and you have the option to pay less and if you just want your video edited.

If you decide you want to film the video yourself, iPhones and other smartphones now have high enough audio/visual quality to create a decent video. Additionally, there are many free editing apps like Magisto or Splice .Your club could easily use one of these apps to create and post quality videos.

Want to engage more members with new technology? See what the Club of 2020 will look like to stay ahead of the competition: 



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