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What's Up with 3-D Fitness Technology?


With constant innovation in the fitness tech space, there are always new technologies on the market. But what is the future of fitness tech? Does 3-D fitness technology have the potential to be a force in the industry?

What Is 3-D Fitness Technology?

3-D fitness technologies evaluate body shape and fitness progress by providing your club members with three-dimensional scans of their body. These products scan bodies by using lasers and cameras to capture thousands of images of your member’s body.

How Does This Differ from Other Fitness Trackers?

The scanned images are combined to create a three-dimensional avatar that shows an accurate representation of weight, body mass index, muscle mass, body fat percentage, waistline, neckline and chest. Anything your club member wants to know about their body, is virtually represented by their personalized avatar.

Each avatar accurately shows every lump and bump on the body. Club members are able to not only see how many pounds they lost, but how many inches were cut from their waistline.

How to Use This Data to Enhance the Club Experience

The data produced from body scanners can be used for members to participate in fitness challenges, set goals and track their progress. This is all powered by your Club Mobile App. With a Club Mobile App, your members can integrate this data with other fitness apps into one centralized platform. 

What Are the Leading Brands in the Industry?

Leading technologies in the industry include Fit3D and VFit by VirtualU.

The Fit3D Proscanner

This scanner functions as a rotating platform where members place their hands on adjustable handles and receive a body scan report in less than 35 seconds. After interpreting over 450 measurements, your club member will automatically receive an emailed report with updated measurements and a three-dimensional avatar.



VirtualU’s VFit can be compared to the structure of a futuristic phone booth. Their system interprets millions of tiny data points (gained from the photos of your members body) and translates it into a realistic avatar. Club members are then able to view their fitness progress at any time on their mobile device or online.


What Does This Mean for Your Club?

There are many advantages to purchasing 3-D fitness technologies; for example, they are the first of their kind and are certainly eye catching. But does this mean your club has to purchase a body scanner immediately? Like any new technology, the cost to purchase at this point may be too high for most operators. However, as 3-D fitness becomes more popular, their costs will eventually become more afforable.

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