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Why Mobile Is Essential to Your Gym's Marketing Plan

shutterstock_260628806_1.jpgIt’s safe to say that the world has changed dramatically in the last few years. We can summon taxi’s with the tap of a finger, chat face-to-face with friends on the other side of the globe and even experience other people’s experiences virtually. So why is it that so many health clubs still use analogue methods to market their services? As technology continues to become a more prevalent, the only way to stay competitive is to structure your gym’s marketing plan around digital platforms.

The best way to do so is by taking advantage of a Club Mobile App. A mobile app gives your club a defined mobile platform that will set the tone for your gym’s marketing plan and drastically increase your revenue by allowing you to do these five things:

Attract New Prospects

Typically clubs report that over 60% of their new leads come from member referrals. So why not have a platform that does all of that work for you? Instead of the antiquated paper-and-pen process, a Club Mobile App enables your members to directly refer their friends to your club with the push of a button. Prospects not only receive a personalized text message, but their contact information is also automatically inputted into your club’s CRM.

Convert Prospective Members

The next step of old school tactics usually involve aggressive cold calling and email campaigns. But with a mobile app, your marketing plan gets streamlined into just a few easy steps. Once your prospective member decides to use the guest pass they were sent from their friend, they can sign into your app with one click through their social media account. Once an account is created, your prospect gets a barcode on their app to gain entry to your club. Then after their first visit, your club stays on top of their mind through automatic push notifications that guide them through the process of purchasing a membership. Instead of having their day interrupted by cold calling sales reps, your prospects can move through the buying process at their own pace.

Engage New Members

Good club owners know that the buying process doesn’t end there. Keeping members engaged and loyal is just as important to long-term profitability as selling them the membership in the first place. Through an app, your members can earn rewards points simply by referring friends, working out or making purchases. Members can then redeem their points for rewards like merchandise, personal training or other group classes. Things like rewards points keep your members engaged by encouraging them to interact with your club more often than they normally would, meaning they’re more likely to stay for the long haul. Plus, how great would it be to have a marketing plan that did all the work for you?

Sell More Services

Ancillary revenue is the key to making your club profitable. So wouldn’t it be great if your club’s mobile app also helped you sell more additional services? Once you have your members engaged, your club mobile app makes that process simple. Your mobile app can detect when members are inside of your club and send them push notifications to let them know about last minute offers like “50% off of personal training” or “2 spots left in the 3:00P.M. spin class.” Members can then redeem the offers directly from the app and instantly get access to the additional services.

Connect Member Technology to Your Club’s Brand

With 20% of Americans now owning a wearable device, there’s never been a better time to seamlessly link your club to the wrists of your members. With a Club Mobile App, members’ workout data is automatically logged into the app giving them the opportunity to earn rewards points towards fitness challenges. By connecting your mobile app to your members’ fitness world as a whole, your club has the ability to continue to engage members with your brand even when they’re not within your walls.

Without a digital marketing plan in 2016, your club is going to fall hopelessly behind the competition. And the key to unlocking the potential of digital is a club mobile app. Get yours today.

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