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Why You Need a Mobile App to Keep Your Members Engaged

shutterstock_302406581.jpgDid you know that almost 2 billion people use mobile apps on a daily basis? Mobile apps are the way that the majority of us interact with the different brands in the world. For the news, you might have the New York Times as your go-to app. For discounts, you might tap open Groupon. For fitness, why can’t your club’s mobile app be the go-to for all of your members?

A mobile app for your gym has tons of benefits. In fact, it could solve one of the biggest challenges you probably face: member retention. With a mobile app your members will be able to engage with your brand in multiple ways, making it more likely for them to associate your gym with a positive gym experience. Delighting your members in this ultimately leads to more happy members that stay longer and pay more.

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few ways an app will keep your members engaged for longer.

3. Fitness Challenges

There’s nothing quite as motivated as a little friendly competition with prizes. So wouldn’t it be great if you could easily host competitive fitness challenges with prizes like free PT or an iPad for winning? With a mobile app, it’s possible. Through a club mobile app your gym can create themed challenges that last for weeks at a time based around fitness activities your members do like steps walked, distance ran or calories burned.

These challenges can help create a friendly, yet competitive nature amongst the members, which can help it feel like a community they genuinely enjoy being a part of. By creating an environment your members enjoy participating in and incentivizing them to participate by having awesome rewards, your club can increase the lifetime value of its members to drive more revenue in the long run.

2. Integration with Wearables

Wearables aren’t just a trend; they’re becoming a standard for anyone who considers themselves serious about fitness. MLB pitchers use them to help refine their pitching mechanics, NBA players use them to optimize their diet, sleep schedule and workout routine, and casual fitness junkies use them to visualize their fitness progress over time. A mobile app that integrates with wearable technology automatically makes your app useful for a large chunk of your members, considering almost 30% of Americans now own a wearable device.

By integrating with wearables your members can easily track their workouts because the data is instantly logged in the app, something that is especially useful for fitness challenges. Wearable integration also enables your club’s app the become the center of your members’ fitness life.

1. Class Scheduling

Typically, scheduling anything where you have to either be there in person or do it over the phone is a hassle. It’s inconvenient, time consuming and leaves you at the whim of potential human error. But what if a club mobile app could handle all the scheduling your club would ever need? With an app, members can seamlessly register and pay for group classes or PT sessions and even take care of their monthly dues all with a couple of taps on their phone. A technologically advanced and convenient solution for your members is what it takes to keep them engaged in 2016. Don’t let your club miss the opportunity.

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