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Recent reports have shown that mobile users are averaging 5 hours a day on their phones. One report even noted that 58% of all smartphone users don’t go one hour without checking their phones. Imagine the opportunities for you to engage your members while they are constantly looking at their phone; searching, communicating and tracking.

Challenges are an excellent way to diversify member engagement, build friendly competition and keep your facility at the forefront of your members' fitness journey. Quite simply, challenges help you build raving fans digitally. 

After taking into account multiple requests, we have decided to help you incentivize your members for coming into the facility, via mobile. We've done this through our newest feature - Check-In Challenges. We are currently rolling this out to all of our ABC Financial and Club Ready clients, with other member management systems to be integrated later this year. 

UFC GYM was given early access to our Check-In Challenge feature and we are excited to be able to announce their results. Over the past few months UFC GYM has run four check-in challenges, and the numbers speak for themselves. With a total of 8,992 challenge participants, they averaged just over 14 check-ins per member per month. That's 3.5 check-ins per week, which is 1.5 times more per week than the industry average.

Make sure you get with your Account Manager to run the latest feature on your Club Mobile App. We're so excited to see your results as well.  



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