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Your Next Wearable Could Be A Tattoo

Imagine a wearable you don’t have to remember to put on every day and would be impossible to lose. Chaotic Moon, an Austin-based technology firm, has created a prototype line of “Tech Tats”, which are skin-mounted monitors that provide a live reading of vital signs through a small circuit using electric paint.

Tech Tats would connect to a member’s smartphone, monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and recording GPS movement. These temporary tattoos stick onto your wrist and wash off with ease. It promises to be a more accurate and barely noticeable version of current wearables in the marketplace like the Fitbit Charge HR.

Besides fitness applications, the primary use case for this new technology is in medicine. Tech Tats will be able to relay the vital information to your doctor that would normally only be able to be gathered during a physical examination from the comfort of your own home. Parents would be able to detect signs of sickness from their children sooner to potentially prevent a more serious illnesses.

Another potential use case is mobile payment. Much like the tap-payment systems for wearables like the Jawbone UP, Tech Tats would be able to connect to your banking information and automatically authorize payment at the point of purchase.

Chaotic Moon is still developing these Tech Tats, but hopes to make them publicly available in the near future.

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